Flying Banners From Teardrop, Sharkfin, Playa and Feather Banners all are excellent for your outdoor events such as fairs, sporting events and concerts. With quick and easy setup for instant advertising, these flying banners will bring your event to life and improve your graphic exposure

Vinyl Banners
Kanopys Canada provides premium vinyl banners, which can go either indoors or outdoors. Whether you need cost-effective promotional or sponsorship signage, or something you can take along to events or festivals to promote your own product or brand, create a visual impact with a custom vinyl banner from Kanopys Canada. Larger size banners can create barriers for contestants or pedestrians and can be seen from a distance, while smaller sizes can be used for a table display or weatherproof signage. Call 1 800 268-9612 or e-mail us at to discuss your banner need.


Kanopys Canada offers a wide variety of outdoor branding solutions, including stand-alone flag systems, Pole Flags, National, Standard and mini flags. Choose the height and configuration that will provide the greatest message broadcast based on your location, and customize the graphics to fully satisfy your brand's identity or promotional offer. The temporary nature of flag stands, versus traditional sunken or bolted poles, makes them an ideal solution for retail storefronts, outdoor festivals and event wayfinding.