Q: What is the difference between steel and aluminum frames?
A: The main difference is the weight. Aluminum is our highest quality frame and is 20 lbs lighter than its steel counterpart. Both steel and aluminum units use the same parts
Q: Can I get my name or logo printed onto the top?
A: Yes, we have a number of printing processes that allow us to create virtually any type of graphic. Please visit the graphic section to view artwork requirement and tent samples.
Q: What is the difference between Kanopys Canada canopies and other similar canopies?
A: Our canopies are stronger, lighter and more durable and are made to last for years, not a season. Even if your canopy is damaged Kanopys Canada stocks replacement parts, so we can get you unit back in shape in no time.
Q: What type of fabric is used?
A: Our canopies are made of durable, high tenacity polyester fabric that is fire resistant, water repellent and UV protected.
Q: How do you wash a canopy top?
A: Gently rinse the top down with a garden hose while it's on the frame. Take a mild detergent and use a soft brush for stains. Do not brush graphics. Allow the top to dry completely before storing.
Q: Why is there such a price difference between Kanopys Canada and other similar portable canopies?
A: Quality! Our aluminum frames are made with stronger, lighter and more durable Dynidiom fittings.
Q: How much wind can a Kanopys Canada canopy endure?
A: Our canopies can withstand strong winds when staked and tied down, but should not be left unattended during a storm.